Stormy Point Goldens Puppy Questionnaire

Phone Number
Type of Residence
Do you have a fenced yard?  Where will the puppy be exercised?
Do any family members have pet allergies?
List your prior experience with dogs.

List Current animals living in your home

List ages of children under the age of 18 living in your home.

Have you ever returned a dog to the breeder or had to find a dog that you owned a new home for any reason?  If the
answer is yes explain.

If you were unable to keep a dog purchased from us at any point during that animals lifetime do you agree to follow our
contract and return the dog to us or ask us to approve future placement ?

Do you plan on attending a puppy training class ?

Who will be at home with the puppy during the day to potty and exercise him/her or what is the plan of action to handle
the puppy if you are not home during the day?

Where will the dog be primarily Kept ?  

Please provide a phone number of your current vet for a reference.

Do you understand that all pet pups are sold with AKC Limited registration and we
require them not to be spayed or
neutered till they are atleast a year of age ?

What Gender do you prefer or is there a preference  ?

What is the ideal temperament that you are looking for in a golden ?  

Have you researched limited vaccination Protocols such as Dr Dodds Limited Vaccine Protocol ?

Do you understand we match the puppies with the families to the gender you prefer ?

Do you understand all of our pet pups have to be a minimum of seven weeks of age to join their new homes per Va
State Law ? ( We typically send them between Seven - Eight weeks of age. )  

Due to recent links in grain free diets causing  DCM ( Heart Failure ) will you take our recommendation for your puppy's
diet ?   

Any additional comment or concerns that you may have?