Our Process
1. We start accepting deposits only when pregnancy is
. We do not accept deposits for unknown or
possible future litters which causes families to wait for
months for a "possible hopeful puppy".

2.   After discussing your interest in a puppy and
completing our puppy questionnaire if we decide that a
puppy from us would be a good match we will need
you to print off the health contract and sign the back
page and fill in  your contact info.  Send a deposit
check payable  to Stormy Point Goldens  for $200 .
Remaining Balance  paid when puppy goes home. Also
indicate which sex you prefer.

3.  We accept visitors to meet the parents prior to       
puppies arrival
on scheduled open house days. Once
Puppies are born no one can visit our home until the
pups have had their first vaccine and vet visit at 6-7
weeks of age. This is to ensure the safety of the
newborn puppies. No puppy sale is worth us losing a
litter of puppies because we allowed someone to bring
in parvo or kennel cough ! We will be happy to send  
references from past puppy homes.

4.  We will send out an e-mail to new puppy homes    
when the puppies are 4 weeks old. In that                   
e-mail you will be notified of your appointment            
time to pick up your puppy. The e-mail will also         
have all info needed for you to be ready for your        
new  puppy. We have a one time open house visitation
the weekend prior to the litter going home. This
happens for two hours on a Saturday or Sunday
afternoon. At that time you will get to see the entire
litter and meet the parents. We encourage everyone to

5. We update pictures of our litters every week on    
our website. We also send videos and weekly updates
of the progress of the litter.

6. The puppies have to be at least 7 weeks old when
they go home in accordance to VA state law usually
they are 8 weeks when we send pups home. They
usually go home on a  Saturday or Sunday. We match
pet puppies with the families. We have raised and
learned the personalities of each puppy from the day
they are born. We take into consideration what you are
looking for in a puppy and make the best match
possible. If you are not happy when you come to meet
your puppy you are by no means obligated to take that
puppy home and we will gladly refund the deposit. I
also reserve the right to refund the deposit at any time
during the process if I feel the new family is not  a good
match for one of our pups.

7.  All of our puppies are fed Purina Pro Plan Large    
Breed puppy food
or Royal canine puppy. We
recommend you continue them on this until
8 months of
age. Then switching
 them to a large breed adult
formula. We recommend Pro Plan Large Breed Adult  
or Royal Canine Golden Retriever.